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Services & Fees

Our free landlord service

We offer a free landlord service that we would like people to know about, but we also would like to add that we are only able to offer the free landlord service when we achieve full management of the property for a minimum of one year after which they can give us one months notice should they like to take their property back if landlords prefer to manage their own property then there is a 35% finders fee that applies.

Tenancies & Inventories rental applications.

All our paperwork is signed online via e signature there is no need for direct contact between landlord and tenants.

Management fees are as follows

  • Studios, One Bed, and Two Beds are 7%
  • Three Beds, Four Beds And More are 8%
  • Blocks of Six 8% and anything above is 9% the reason behind this is as the blocks get bigger the work and legall get a lot more complicated.

Guaranteed Rent

We offer.

  • 1 Bed £750.00
  • 2 Beds £900.00
  • 3 Beds £1200

This is guaranteed for three years even if the property is empty with the option to extend for a further three thereafter.

Management is now 8% no longer 7% all rents on this schemeare guaranteed.