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Home Leone

  • Myestate works and sponsors several different charities world wide, we sponsor BSL Academy for the profoundly deaf. L&D Hospital cancer ward, we help sponsor accommodation for families in the Philippines, Syria, as well as Sierra Leone,fabulous opportunity to purchase a home for the families that are less fortunate than us
  • if you would like to help and sponsor any of these charities please send us an email and we wan deduct if from your rent and donate to the charity of your choice all donations are welcome.

Destiny Village, Sierra Leone


Only £6,000

  • This brand new 2 bedroom family home is one of 344 available to some of the poorest people on earth.
  • With earnings at £2 per day getting a mortgage is a challenge!
  • Home Leone is offering relocation opportunities, from some of the worst slums of earth, a place where death comes early, to some of the poorest on earth.
  • A life changing opportunity – and for less than most UK house owners moving costs!
  • Homes are concrete floors (many simply sleep on mud or cardboard), made with beautiful smooth finishes. The walls are made of Hydraform block. 90% clay soil, mined in the village, with 10% cement and water provides a beautiful brick that lasts a lifetime. They are 30% cooler than the tradiational breeze block. Roofs are sealed tin, cut to size to avoid leaks. A key defence to monsoon rains that dominate the landscape in July and August. Ceilings made from plastic, significantly reduce heat on those regular 35C days.
  • Power and clean water is connected, a concept most in Sierra Leone find unfamiliar.
  • Every home we build means a family can leave behind one like this.
  • In the rainy season ,sewage washes through and some children die every year.
  • Made from tin and rubbish, rent of 50% of their income, can go on a shack like this one.
  • Residents live in fear of eviction from government, rains or inability to pay the rent.
  • A place of sickness and fear.

Destiny Village, Sierra Leone

Only £6,000

Veranda (4m x 3m)

A key cultural facet as community and being outside in a hot environment is vital to good relationships.

Living Room (3.7m x 4.4m)

Clean and dry; a palace compared to previous accommodation.

Bedroom 1 (3.0m x 3.7m)

Large enough to fit a double bed or 2 bunk beds

Bedroom 2 (3.0m x 3.7m)

Also large enough to fit a double bed or 2 bunk beds

Kitchen (2.4m x 7.4m)

Stainless steel sink, tiled surround offering a semi public/private space. Suitable for gas or charcoal cooking as needed. No walking half a mile to collect dirty water, clean drinkable water on tap!

Shower room and WC (2.0m x 1.6m

Shower room, comprising a WC, shower and tap with water sourced from a clean aquifer beneath the land. Connected to an effective eco-friendly sewage and septic system

Why not buy a Home for another family – it will radically change their lives – and possibly yours!


Residents pay a rent for a number of years with a goal to eventually ow their own homes. They also offer 3 hours a weeks of community benefit to help build the community. Rental income goes to further develop housing in the community.

Outside – Central Compound

As part of a block of 8 homes, 4 terraced homes back on to another 4 providing community and a “much sought after” Sierra Leonean Lifestyle.

A Charity You Can Trust To Deliver The Houses

Home Leone manages the money directly and collects rents from the tenants. The rents are recycled back into the community building more such low-cost homes. Anyone buying a whole compound (circa £48,000!), can name the compound. In buying a house we can put a plaque to dedicate to someone you love.

Buy Part of a Home

It maybe that you would like to buy part of a house for such a family. This could be

  • 100 Bricks - £30
  • The foundations - £1,500
  • Solar Panels - £250 each
  • The walls - £2,000
  • The roof - £950
  • The floor - £250
  • The toilet bowl and plumbing - £100
  • The doors - £120
  • The windows - £50 each

Please note the families gratitude to MyEstates who have shared this opportunity with you and agreed to waive their fee on this house!

Home Leone was founded in Luton. It is building a residential development in Freewtown, Sierra Leone enabling thousands of people exit horrific slum living. By building businesses, low cost homes, education and healthcare, power and water, this holistic initiative will relocate over 2,000. For just £6,000 you can buy someone else a home. Whether buying or selling the impact you can make is profound.

To contribute and change a life today:

  • Account name: Home Leone,
  • Sort Code: 30-90-89
  • Account number: 39610168